Tiny, Tiny, Story…

Aright, I’m bored so I’m gonna write a tiny stories!


"Janice! Jancie!!" Alice yells.
“What is it Alice?! I’m tired! Lemme Sleep!”
“But Nothin’!”
“Fine! I’ll just tell BRENDON to leave!!”
“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry Sis! I’ll be down in a bit! Tell him I’ll be there quick!”
I wonder…? What’s Brendon doing here? He would at least call… Right? I mean… Alice probably got his name confused! Probably some stranger who wants to sell us stuff…! Oh well!
I looked in my closest, and saw a plain yellow T-shirt and Jeans. Put ‘em on along with my light blue sandals and went down stairs.
“Hello who’s there?” I questioned.
“It’s me! Brendon! Can I come in?”
“Sure! My sister didn’t invite you in?”
I say as I hold the door open for him to come in.
“Nope!” She just told me to wait and started reading some Manga!”
“Oh! That’s just her! Anyways what did you need?”
“Oh… Ok! Well what did you come for?”
“Just to hang out! Brandon’s in California shooting a movie, so I’m bored and got nothin’ to do, so I came here!”
“Oh! I see!”
Brandon’s his twin brother, he’s a star and always filming movies. Turns out he’s staring in some movie that’re planing to have it be a “big” hit.
Brendon’s the older twin by well, it’s odd.
You see, Brandon was going to be the older one. (Since he was born first) He was born at 1:56 A.m. But then right when Brendon was born they switched to daylight savings time, so Brandon was now the younger brother and Brendon was the older then.
So technically Brendon’s older.
“Well what I’m I supposed to do to about you being bored?”
“We could play video games!”
“Like what?”
“Let’s play a puzzle game!”
“You sure? You sorta suck at them!”
“Bro, lemme show you how boss I am at puzzle games.”
“Fine. Fine. Lets go!”
We pull out the controlers and start playing, he’s improved since the last time we played!

Do you want more? :3